Civil Engineering Design

Peter Cnossen, P.E., Patrick Kiernan, P.E., and Will Norton, P.E. are directly responsible for every design. Clients can discuss each part of their project directly with the owners of the company. Our engineers listen carefully to their client’s objectives, evaluate every property to creatively use the advantages nature has given the property and craft a unique, efficient design to maximize their client’s success. The partners combine their engineering experience and construction knowledge to design projects with an eye toward efficient construction. This blending of creativity and practicality allows projects to be consistently fast from design to completion, reducing our clients’ design costs. Establishing professional relationships with municipal decision makers facilitates understanding during the review process. The engineers stay versed in the varying, complex design requirements so that plan drawings consistently pass through the review process at each municipality or governing agency in a timely manner.

Land Planning

Land Planning is a complex integration of finding the best use for the property, using creativity to blend with the developers’ needs or vision, and adhering to the governmental requirements of each location. At Jones & Cnossen Engineering, the land planners have a comprehensive knowledge of each step in the process of developing land and create a land plan that is creative, efficient, functional, and cost effective at each stage, from beginning to end.

Our philosophy is to start with the property and think the process through past the construction of the project before a land plan is begun. The engineers visit the site to evaluate natural advantages or potential liabilities present in the original state of the land. The next step is to investigate governmental restrictions or requirements for the property. They meet with clients to discuss their assessment and to align the conceptual plan with the client’s goals. Meetings with governmental agencies and other consultants to gain input continue throughout the design process. The intention is that through the combination of preparation and experience in all phases of development, the land plans pass through the approval and construction phases with the least amount of hold-up, saving developers time and money.

Construction Management

Since 1988, Jones & Cnossen Engineering has been one of the few civil engineering firms to offer both construction management and design services by the same engineer. This marriage of skills allows the designer to effectively understand how to design projects that are easy to implement.