Who We Are

Peter Cnossen has been with the firm since 1995 and was made partner in 2001. His responsibilities for the firm include; principal project designer in the planning, engineering and construction management process, business development and oversight of human resources. He also brings over 8 years of geotechnical engineering experience to the firm which benefits our clients construction management needs by offering creative solutions to challenging land development construction problems. Peter received his BS in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University in 1985 and his ME in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech in 1987. He received his North Carolina Professional Engineering license (#17252) in 1991.

Peter Cnossen, PE

Patrick Kiernan, PE

Patrick Kiernan is a professional engineer who has been with Jones & Cnossen Engineering since 2012, when he began interning during his sophomore year at NC State.  Patrick graduated from State in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Spanish Language & Literature and transitioned to full time employment shortly after.  Patrick became fully licensed as a PE in January 2020 (#49836) and was made partner at Jones & Cnossen in 2022.  Outside of work, Patrick and his wife, Julia, have a family of two Siberian Huskies, Chipper and Meeko, and a fluffball kitty named Luna.  Patrick enjoys camping, playing music with friends, and is a huge fan of the Wolfpack, Panthers, Hurricanes, and Braves.

Will Norton is a full time professional engineer at Jones & Cnossen Engineering having been licensed in January 2022 (#53580). He is a 2017 North Carolina State University graduate where he studied Civil Engineering and Horticultural Science. Will is originally from Lumberton, NC and began working at Jones & Cnossen in 2015 as an intern. Growing up in a landscape contracting business, Will has an appreciation for working with existing land and topography to beautify and enhance the functionality to a client’s desire. When he’s not in the office Will enjoys hunting, playing golf, the beach, and spending time with his Boykin Spaniel, Penny.

Will Norton, PE

Erin Marcum, Office Manager

Erin Marcum is currently the Office Manager responsible for bookkeeping, billing, payroll and Human Resources functions. She joined Jones & Cnossen Engineering in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant. Erin graduated from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts in Management. Her previous experience in bank operations, credit card operations, bookkeeping, office management and customer service, gives her the ability to contribute toward the company goals of client satisfaction and excellence in everything we do.

Stuart Jones started the company in 1988 as a sole proprietorship with a unique vision to offer clients a single source for land development consulting. Now retired, he continues to stay involved in the business by providing counsel and occasional engineering help. Stuart worked in the triangle area for over 30 years after he received his BS in Civil Engineering from NC State University. He earned his professional engineering license (#14099) in 1987 and is still an active Professional Engineer.  Stuart now spends time doing home improvement projects for friends and neighbors and also creates sand sculptures near his new home of Sunset Beach.

Stuart Jones, PE

Kathy Jones, Consultant

Kathy Jones has acted as an unofficial partner in every phase of the growth of our company. With her BA-Business Management and MBA from NC State, she brings her keen organizational skills to the financial management of the business, her knowledge of human resources and her expertise in all other business functions. She has led the way in every phase of growth where new levels of company management are needed. Kathy continues her role with the company, acting as a consultant when her skills are needed.